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Celebrate Valentine's Day

by saying “I LOVE YOU” via MTRF

Looking for a unique way to convey your Valentine's Day sentiments to friends & loved ones? This year, why not break from the “candy & flowers” traditions? After all, they both quickly disappear (the former sooner than the latter, in many cases). 😉 What would warm a loved one’s heart MORE than knowing your expression of LOVE for them was extended to a child &/or family in need? That’s where MTRF's “IN LIEU OF FLOWERS” program takes center stage!

Why not change up your traditional Valentine's gift by making a donation to MTRF in a loved one's name?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve added four unique ways to say “I LOVE YOU” through the Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation’s online Donation Center!  (Click HERE to check them out).

Your $30 donation can 'transform' into a MOSQUITO NET "bouquet" (3 nets) or a SCHOOL KIT "bouquet" (2 uniforms, backpack & school supplies). With each donation, we email a personalized “In Lieu of Flowers” Valentine’s Dedication Certificate to serve as your virtual “bouquet”/e-card (example shown below).

Example Valentine's Dedication Certificate for MTRF Donation providing 2 uniforms & a backpack filled with school supplies for a Cambodian Student in Need

For an even longer lasting display of your love & affection, you can donate a WELL ($200) or HOME building supplies ($175)! Both of these “In Lieu of Flowers” donations include a dedication banner with your personal message/photo that will be displayed on the well or home (the certificate will be emailed in time for Valentine’s day & photos of the wells/homes/recipients will be provided upon completion). We're kicking it off by donating a Valentine's Day well of our own (as seen below).

Example of a banner that will appear on a water well in Cambodia as a result of a $200 Valentine's Day donation made by Mark & Trina

Speaking of Valentine’s day, it’s hard to believe that just two years ago, around this time, we met with our partners in Cambodia & India to strategize on how we could best be of service to those in need. During that trip, we launched our Facebook page & blog, DROP BY DROP, to help spread the word about MTRF’s goals & dreams. Excitedly, we shared updates on our meetings with Cambodian families benefitting from water wells & mosquito nets, along with photos/blogs on our work with children in India (please click HERE for an interesting trip down memory lane). It’s been an intriguing journey thus far & we’re excited about our future opportunities!

In closing, we ask you to please join our Valentine’s Day celebration and express your LOVE, APPRECIATION & GRATITUDE by dedicating donations of education ($30 school kits), protection against disease ($30 nets), clean water ($200 wells) & housing ($175 building supplies) in a loved one’s name.

Now THOSE are the ways that can truly TOUCH another’s HEART at a deep level…….and isn’t that what celebrating Valentine’s Day is all about?!

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