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‘Tis the Season of Giving: “Operation Heartfelt Presents”

Last month, we were GIVING THANKS for our many blessings and – traditionally – this month, we celebrate THE SEASON OF GIVING. While giving morphs into different forms for each of us, this desire to give is universal. It addresses our intrinsic desire to be of service -- to help another on a unique level that feels right to each of us. During the holiday season, GIVING often involves presents, but.....

www.Ramsey.Foundation  "Operation Heartfelt Presents"

As the daughter of an English teacher who enjoys playing with words, I succumbed to the temptation to explore how"PRESENTS" can take on a variety of meanings:

  • A gift that we give to a loved one to warm their hearts & make them smile
  • A way to express how much we care
  • A gesture that we “present” to another, in terms of a kind word, deed, or sentiment
  • The concept of PRESENCE - simply “being there” for someone on an emotionally &/or physically supportive level
  • A means by which we can address a pressing need for someone less fortunate
  • An opportunity to “present” a concept that inspires us or incites passion within us

During this season of giving, we ask you to reflect on the various ways you embrace the idea of “PRESENTS” by adding something new to your list! "Operation Heartfelt Presents"

WHAT? Water! Yes, water - - presenting a family in need with the gift of water by donating a water well is invaluable! While water’s something most of us take for granted, a countless number of families in Cambodia and elsewhere travel by foot each day to obtain it, boil it for purification & cool it before taking their first drink! Hard to even fathom, isn’t it?

HOW? With your donation, MTRF will make your gift of water a reality! We realize that donating $200 for a water well at may be fast & easy for some of you; however, we also recognize that it’s allot of money to part with during the holiday season. That’s where “Operation Heartfelt Presents” comes in!

WHO? If just 10 of your friends/family members pitched in $20, you’d have enough to provide a family in need with water for years to come! Simply send an email to your network of friends & family….OR….post a small sign (or place a bucket) in your office, yoga studio, health-club…OR….circulate the idea among your book club, neighbors, church or other organizations with which you’re affiliated. The magic will follow, we promise!

WHY? Because rounding up friends, family & like-minded individuals to participate in a worthwhile cause makes EVERYONE feel good about this season of giving! It provides an intrinsic value that can’t be obtained via presents under a tree. That’s what ‘HEARTFELT PRESENTS’ is all about!

SHORT-CUT? Make it all happen twice as fast through employer matching benefits! Many companies offer to match donations to 501(c)(3) organizations each year. Don’t let 2018 pass you by without taking advantage of this corporate donation matching (not to mention your OWN tax write-offs you’ll obtain with your donation receipt from our IRS-designated 501(c)(3) public charity).

QUESTIONS? Simply send an email to ADMIN@Ramsey.Foundation for a prompt response!

Please help us make “Operation Heartfelt Presents” a reality sharing this with others!

In closing, we're sharing photos of just a few of many examples of wells donated as a result of donations collected by churches, clubs, groups of friends/relatives. Enjoy!

Diverse United Church collected $200 in loose change & donated it to MTRF so this family in need in Cambodia could benefit from this gift of water!
This Ohio-based ladies group each donated $20 to MTRF in order to provide this young family with a water well in Cambodia
This group of friends - from all across the US - collected donations during the holiday season to donate this "gift" to a family in need in Cambodia!

This is just a small sampling of the generous "collections" taken up by those who felt passionate about "presenting" this cause to others (they are the precursors to "Operation Heartfelt Giving"). To see more of these heartwarming photos, please click HERE &/or HERE.

Happy Holidays!