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Thanksgiving Version 2.0

Tomorrow, most Americans will “give thanks” for our many blessings while enjoying an incredible feast with friends & family. Everyone recognizes it’s a day to express thanks with an “attitude of gratitude,” but maybe it’s time for an upgrade on this concept: What if T-day Version 2.0 involved a shift from THANKSgiving to ThanksGIVING?

This “upgrade” would retain the ever-so-important “giving of thanks” while ALSO encouraging us to explore NEW ways of GIVING as an expression of gratitude for the bountiful gifts in our lives. Version 2.0 invites us to TRULY think about what giving REALLY means.

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As we journey through life, we discover that the greatest gifts involve sharing our most precious resources – TIME & TALENTS - with others. This type of giving can touch someone for a few minutes or a lifetime. It’s priceless because it’s unique to each giver! Committing to Version 2.0 means we make / take the time to sincerely ponder this question: “In what unique ways can I GIVE to another - each day - from this day forward?” The answer isn’t about money, it’s about YOU and gifting your personal time & talents (a warm smile, a helping hand, baby-sitting, running errands, making a pot of soup, sharing your expertise “off the clock,” lending an ear to another during difficult times, spending time with someone that’s lonely, helping with yard-work or other chores, the list goes on….).

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Expressing gratitude every day is an excellent practice; incorporating the GIVING of one’s time/talent to others - in some small way, each day - enables ThanksGIVING version 2.0 to become a way of life versus a holiday celebrated just once a year. Having a chance to experience the holiday spirit year ‘round? It sounds as though embracing this “upgrade” should be a no-brainer!

Thus, during this holiday season & forevermore, we’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who support MTRF in a variety of ways throughout the year, whether it’s through spreading the word about our work overseas, “following” us on Facebook, selecting MTRF on AmazonSmile, “liking/sharing” our posts, donating or sharing kind words of encouragement!

Here’s to Version 2.0, with wishes for a Happy ThanksGIVING........all year long!