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It's the Thought that Counts!

When it comes to celebrating special occasions, it’s sometimes difficult to find an ideal gift for a friend or loved one. With an aim of making the recipient smile and warming their hearts, we search for “things” with which to “present” them and somewhere along the line, we find ourselves referencing the saying “it’s the THOUGHT that COUNTS”!

In keeping with this sentiment, for your next special occasion, we invite you to THINK about & COUNT the various ways that you could CREATIVELY warm hearts & generate smiles. In doing so, you may find that most of your ideas aren’t about “things”, but instead are inspired by sentiments, experiences or passions. In the end, we simply desire to WISH someone WELL in a way that holds personal significance, right?

"Wish U Well" in Liverpool, England

During a recent trip abroad, we rather serendipitously came across the scene pictured above. Given the work MTRF does with water wells, it had special meaning to us. It also wasn’t lost on us that one of our generous supporters, George Ryon, has used this very sentiment on several of his well dedications to friends & loved ones, including the one below that he dedicated to his son-in-law & grandson.

Dedication banner on a Well in Cambodia donated by George Ryon through MTRF

Wishing one well can “literally” be accomplished by donating a well to a family who gains “wellness” when accessing fresh water for drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking & gardening for the first time in their lives....OR....dedicating “wishes of wellness” can also be accomplished through donations that:

* prevent disease (mosquito nets protecting against dengue fever or malaria)

* facilitate education (school uniforms, backpacks, supplies)

* provide materials for construction of proper housing

* make bikes available to those in need of transportation to school or work

* put sandals onto the bare feet of children

So, the next time a special occasion appears on your calendar and you’re contemplating a unique approach to "wishing wellness" and making your friend or loved one feel cherished, please give some thought to making a tax-deductible donation to MTRF in their name.

Receiving a dedication certificate from MTRF is guaranteed to warm their hearts & THAT’s a THOUGHT that COUNTS in more ways than one!