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MTRF Supporters Visit Cambodian Well Recipients

The smiles & humble appreciation seen in photos of Cambodian families receiving MTRF donations is beyond heartwarming; however, there really aren’t any words to describe the feeling of meeting these families in person! Fortunately, we arranged two such opportunities for our supporters recently. First, while on a trip to Hong Kong & Cambodia, a group of 6 expressed an interest in visiting the family that received a water well dedicated in memory of one of their parents. We were happy to facilitate this experience!

Americans Visiting the Cambodian family that received a memorial water well

Interestingly, this adventure on Cambodian back roads in the quest of meeting Romcheck villagers benefitting from MTRF wells turned into a very touching surprise! Unbeknownst to 4 of the group members, behind the scenes, the couple shown above had previously donated a well that would contain a group photo (taken in Hong Kong just a week prior to their arrival in Cambodia). One can only imagine the shock & delight (and tears of joy) they experienced when viewing this very special well. It was icing on the cake when they met the grateful family who immediately recognized the faces that greet them each day they access the fresh water made possible by this gift.

Six American friends meet a Cambodian Family that received a water well as a result of a $200 donation to MTRF; this will change their lives forevermore!

This experience was so moving, it prompted a birthday surprise donation/dedication a month later! It just doesn’t get much better that that, does it?!

A very grateful Cambodian family benefitting from a generous donation that resulted in a surprise birthday dedication!

How about a “graduation well dedication" visited by the recent graduate herself? Not a bad second act, right?

Holly celebrating her achievement by visiting the Cambodian family that received a water well dedicated to both sisters aquiring their graduate degrees.

In this case, visits to the Cambodian families who had received several wells previously dedicated to family & friends were also involved. Like the American visitors before them, they also presented gifts; this time, tubs containing soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste & towels, all of which were gratefully received.

Gifting the Cambodian family that received a water well dedicated to her grandfather, John Wolff.
Visiting the Cambodian family that received a water well dedicated in loving memory of her grandmother, Elizabeth Sperduit Wolff.

Having the opportunity to visit a foreign country & observe the culture from afar is always extremely educational; however, having the chance to meet local families and contribute to their lives in a meaningful way takes the experience to a completely different level.

Visiting one of the Cambodian family members that benefit from the water well that her mother, Lisa Ross, donated in recognition of Holly's missionary work in Paraguay.

Are you interested in helping others in this way? If so, please visit to learn more about the programs we've launched to help those in need obtain access to fresh water, take precautions against malaria, attend school, construct homes and more.... As always, we'd gratefully appreciate your help in sharing this blogpost to further spread the word on the work being done by the Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation!