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2020 Vision:

Climbing the Hierarchy of Needs via Knowledge!

MTRF embraced Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a roadmap for our projects to help those in need in Cambodia, India and elsewhere when we became a 501 (c)(3) public charity in 2016. Over the past few years, we’ve seen tears of joy & delight in the eyes of the 300+ families that received water wells and viewed smiles on the faces of children who’ve received 1000+ uniforms, sandals, &/or school supplies.

As a result of this vision & your support, we’re inching our way up the pyramid with an eye toward enhancing our aid via the expansion of knowledge. We recognize that sustainability is the key to seeing positive shifts around the world, and education - on all levels - is the starting point! To this end, we’re excited to share some incredible news:

MTRF has partnered with RSVP (Cambodian-based NGO) to support the construction of a school in a remote village in Cambodia!! Recently, they’ve identified a bare-bones, dirt-floored school (with government certification) that currently serves grades 1-3. Despite having 90 kids assigned to this school, 60 fourth-sixth graders must walk upwards of 2 hours to attend another school, given the limited space/teachers in the current facility.

Site of current "school" where an additional 4-room building will be constructed; this building will be updated to house teachers who travel extensively to reach this remote village.

Given RSVP’s past-experience with 20+ school projects, MTRF plans to fund their vision for Beoung Bpi Touit School. Because of the remote location, muddy dirt roads often render the school unreachable during the rainy season, thus, the plan is to upgrade/convert the existing building into housing for teachers and construct a 4-room school-house with a concrete floor, a well & 2-stall toilet. MTRF will also donate desks, school supplies & fencing to surround the buildings.

This "old school" with dirt floor will be converted into housing for teachers and a new, 4-room schoolhouse will be constructed.

We've added a new option in our online donation center for those who may be interested in supporting this & other school-related projects through their tax-deductible contributions. The Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation plans to continue providing water wells & nets to families in need and welcomes your donations to support these programs as well! We’re looking forward to seeing life-changing results through the eyes & actions of the newly educated children and will be sharing photos of how this vision unfolds in 2020 & beyond.

Cambodiian Villagers expressing their excitement over the news they'll be receiving a new school in 2020!