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Food for Thought

As a result of COVID-19, the world pushed a collective RE-SET button, one that has given us all CAUSE for PAUSE. During this time, while rediscovering ourselves & our loved ones, our joys & fears, our priorities & passions, we’re learning more than would’ve been possible had we not been put into these unusual circumstances. This wasn’t the kind of education we had in mind when we kicked off “MTRF’s 2020 Vision” of having a school constructed in a remote village in Cambodia, but clearly, both types of education are essential for mankind.

MTRF & RSSO Cambodian School Construction Project underway!

While we’re pleased to share that the school construction is well underway, we’re also touched to observe that during this time of self-isolation, there IS another kind of learning that’s occurring around the world. Global citizens are becoming more educated & creative and deeply loving & grateful, while also increasing in sensitivity on a personal level. Collectively, we recognize & appreciate those putting their lives on the line for others to receive medical care, nourishment for their bodies, and the protection & guidance necessary to sustain our entire planet. We're all learning that it truly IS a "small world afterall," aren't we?!

As a result of these eye-opening perspectives, many are finding themselves willing to make sacrifices for the good of others that are being hit especially hard during this time. To this end, Ramsey Foundation has been approached by supporters desiring to help those in need, but not knowing where to begin....

Jill Morse, from our partner, RSSO, and one of their volunteers surrounded by a sea of food items they're aseembling into care packages to be donated to Cambodians in need...clearly al labor of love!

In order to make this opportunity possible, we’re pleased to share that we're supporting one of our Cambodian-based partners (Rural Schools Support Organization) in their efforts to provide SURVIVAL KITS to carefully screened families in need. Each $50 donation will enable 10 families to each receive a care package containing basic food items to help them survive for several weeks. These distributions will be made on a monthly basis, while needed (funds permitting). Further details on this program may be viewed HERE.

Bill Morse of RSSO and other volunteers distributing care packages containing rice, fish sauce, soy sauce, salt & sugar to pre-qualified Cambodian families in need

As we close, we’ll share some final FOOD for THOUGHT:

With Mother’s Day around the corner, OUR OWN thoughts immediately went to our moms, Norma & Elizabeth, and their on-going love of FEEDING OTHERS! It only seems fitting to honor our moms by dedicating a donation of food-based care packages in their names!

Anyone else out there with thoughts along the same lines? Please click HERE to learn more.

You, too, can have a customized dedication certificate to honor your mom in this way on Mother's Day!