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MTRF is TWO today!

Please Join Our

“TIMES TWO” Celebration!




As we celebrate, we reflect on the magnitude of the needs & opportunities before us and are drawn to think of MTRF as a HELPING HAND. Five fingers representing five outreach programs with a single, solid connection (palm) that serves to support each unique initiative: providing those in need with water wells, mosquito nets, school uniform packages, shoes and home-building supplies.

School Children celebrate the gift of being able to attend school in Cambodia, thanks to uniforms, backpacks and school supplies provided through supporters of MTRF

The beauty of the human body is that we have TWO hands. How amazing to have the chance to DOUBLE our efforts?! AND.....what better time to do so than to celebrate MTRF’s 2nd year anniversary?! It’s easy - so please join us - we have TWO options to celebrate "TIMES TWO":

  • Donate one WATER WELL ($200) & MTRF will donate a 2nd well (up to 17 wells)


  • Donate one “School Uniform Package ($30) & MTRF will donate a 2nd package (up to 17 uniform packages)

It’s that simple: Donate / Celebrate! MTRF will take care of the TIMES TWO!

A large Cambodian Family enjoys the gift of access to fresh water through a well donated by MTRF

During the past two years, we’ve gratefully discovered that we’re surrounded by MANY helping hands! We recognize that we can’t be all things to all people, but through those supporting our outreach programs, we’re already seeing that MTRF is MAKING A DIFFERENCE in addressing FUNDAMENTAL needs and we look forward to sharing this heartwarming journey for many years to come!

A mother & young children in Cambodia gratefully accept mosquito nets to aid in protecting them from Malaria (donated by MTRF)

Much gratitude goes out to those who have supported us over the past TWO YEARS & to those who will be joining us in this celebration of “TIMES TWO”! Please click HERE to get started!

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing a Cambodian Family delighted over their first access to fresh water through a well donated by the Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation