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MTRF in Guideposts Magazine:

"Someone Cares-Class Act!"

Yes, it’s true! In the June issue of world-famous “Guideposts”, MTRF supporter, Nancy Hoke, shares a heart-warming story. Passionate in her desire to help children attend school in Cambodia, Nancy, and her husband, Dave, donated several school uniforms when MTRF first introduced the program. Shortly thereafter, Nancy seized a chance to spread the word by presenting a “Class Reunion Challenge” via Facebook to fellow classmates who were celebrating their 45-year reunion that summer.

Image from Guideposts' June 2018 Article mentioning Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation's school uniform program

A “Challenge” whereby classmates donate uniforms so other kids have the same chance THEY did while attending school 45+ years before? What a fitting way to celebrate a class reunion! Needless to say, this concept really took off… Interested in learning more about Nancy’s story? You can view it in detail via Guideposts Magazine's website by clicking HERE.

Why not present a similar challenge to your OWN classmates during this up-coming “Class Reunion” season? Simply click HERE to supply details (colors, school name, etc) & MTRF will create a customized banner for YOUR alma mater (similar to the one below). The image will be sent to you via email for posting on Facebook &/or sharing via email -- let's get the party started!

Sample Banner that can be customized for YOUR upcoming class reunion!  Please email to kick off your own "Class Reunion Challenge" !