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Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation Makes Front Page News!

We’re excited that The Crestline Advocate featured a “human interest story” covering MTRF - a 501(c)(3) public charity established by former Ohioans to help those in need around the globe! Details on the Ramsey Foundation & photos taken on location were published in this newspaper, which is based in Trina’s hometown.

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In summary, the article featured the Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation's:

  • Mission:  to creatively inspire those in need by addressing fundamental health & wellness, education and life skills development around the globe.
  • Commitment:  MTRF ensures that 100% of all tax-deductible donations go directly to the program specified by donors; Mark & Trina cover all overhead/other expenses through their personal donations.
  • Programs/Locations:  building wells, providing mosquito nets, assisting with food, clothing, schools, supplies, formal education and sustainable life skills training for children & adults in Cambodia & India with plans to expand into Africa, SE Asia & SA
  • Features:  Two “In lieu of flowers” donation programs enabling supporters to donate nets or uniforms in the name of loved ones (versus sending flowers to those who are ill or celebrating special occasions).  Many donors dedicate wells to loved ones as a unique way of honoring their memory.
  • Accomplishments:  Since its establishment, MTRF has constructed ~100 water wells in Cambodia, supplied families with 350+ mosquito nets & are providing ~400 mandatory uniforms so kids can attend school this fall; additionally, MTRF also addresses additional health/wellness & education-related needs in India & Cambodia.
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We’re grateful that this local paper chose to share our story. It reminds us all of the value of hometown newspapers & their ability to foster on-going relationships by keeping current & former residents informed & in touch. If you feel any of your OWN hometown papers, other publications or blogs (hard-copy or online) would be interested in this “Human Interest” story, please share this blog-post &/or put them in touch with us at


We truly appreciate our supporters helping us get the word out about our work….day by day, text by text…”share by share” and.....thereby....”Drop by Drop”!