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Just $17 Allows a Child to Attend School!

7-17-17: it’s hard to believe an entire year has passed since The Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation was established! During the past year, 71 wells have been donated (+ 9 pending construction) & 221 mosquito nets are now in the hands of grateful Cambodian families. Additionally, MTRF is testing health/wellness & sustainability initiatives in India & Cambodia.

In celebration of 7-17-17, we’re kicking off a $17 donation promotion to cover school uniforms required for all students attending public schools in Cambodia. Our goal is to ensure that NO children in Romchek & Tani Village are DENIED an education simply because their families can’t afford uniforms! Sadly, without a uniform, children are not permitted to attend classes. Ultimately, they end up working in the rice fields with their parents, thereby continuing the cycle of poverty.

It's difficult to fathom that less than $20 can literally "make or break" a child’s education – something most of us take for granted! With MTRF’s focus on “Fulfilling an Ocean of Needs, One Drop at a Time” it’s hard to resist a reference to $17 being a “drop in a bucket” in the big scheme of things!

Yes, a mere $17 tax-deductible donation covers the cost of two uniforms, which will be passed down to younger siblings or shared as needed among the villagers for years to come! To learn more about this school uniform program, please click HERE