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Home Sweet Home ?!?'s interesting that – no matter what shape, size or location – they provide a sense of grounding & security. For the past year, MTRF has shared photos of modest homes found in remote Cambodian villages, ones that the owners’ family/friends help them construct primarily from fronds and some wood. Sometimes, though, young families have a difficult time pulling together the money to cover the “foundation.” Ideally, these simple homes consist of fronds, wooden or cement posts & metal roofing sheets (since fronds don’t hold up as well during the rainy season).

Many of us take for our homes for granted (not to mention our ability to obtain solid ones that protect us from winds & rains). A close review of the photos from one particular young family that received a recently donated well, made it clear that they didn’t have a proper home! Sad, but true, they’ve been sleeping on the bamboo strip platform shown in the photo below. This structure is serving as a "home" for this family of four (husband was at work at the time this photo was taken).

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It’s difficult to think about how challenging it must be for this family to get a solid night’s sleep when they have no real protection from the elements! Another family that recently received a well has such a modest home that the children are sent to sleep at their grandmother's nearby "home." Below are photos of their home (currently serving a family of five):

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Given these circumstances, MTRF is introducing a “Building Fund” to provide a jump start for these & other families that find themselves in similar situations. In keeping with our desire to address fundamental survival needs with a focus on sustainability, this program will provide the posts & roofing materials, while the recipient family & their friends will work diligently to construct a modest home in which they can raise their families. CLICK HERE to learn more about MTRF’s Building Fund in which each $25 donation is applied toward the $175 total cost of a modest family home. If you'd like to make a donation to support this specific cause, please CLICK HERE.

Perhaps it’s no mistake that the word HOME ends with ME.! In this case, through small contributions, ME can expand to WE. After all, it IS a small world and we’re truly all in this a result, WE can all unite to say "WElcome HoME!"