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AND the TOTALS are IN !

The Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation expresses both gratitude & excitement while sharing the preliminary totals of what has been accomplished since our inception in July of 2016! We started off desiring to “Fulfill an Ocean of Needs, One Drop at a Time.” Together with our many generous donors, we’ve had the privilege of contributing many “drops” into that ocean! Thus far, we’ve been able to facilitate the following approaches to “giving back”:


· 100 Water Wells

· 350 Uniform Packs (packs include backpack, supplies & 2 uniforms per child)

· 350 Sandals for children without shoes

· 368 Mosquito Nets (to protect against Malaria)

Further, in addition to supporting the above “formal programs,” we’ve made personal contributions to smaller initiatives we’re exploring, as follows:


· Sustainability Program (1 “Store” for handicapped woman, 1 Bike for “Mobile Noodle Business”)

· Bikes – 2 for special needs (note: bikes will be rolled out formally in 2018 as school incentive program)

· 100+ Medical Aid Kits (for families participating in DLS Dental clinic)

· Health/Wellness Program (medical transport/expenses, special nutrition needs for handicapped child)

· Truck (to facilitate construction, deliveries, work in remote villages)

Cambodian Families expressing gratitude for school uniforms/backpacks/supplies and mosquito nets donated by supporters of Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation

In INDIA: School supplies, cookers, assistance with nutrition supplements

Putting school supplies donated by Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation to good use in India

In AFRICA: Server to facilitate access to KAHN ACADEMY courses in Ghana + Technical Support & Consulting

Installation of server donated by MTRF to enable students in Ghana to gain access to online educational courses

In CZECH REPUBLIC: Assistance with medical care, supplies & supplements for special needs child with life-threatening illness.

Image of Viktorie, in CZ, who, thanks to life-saving treatments is on a long road to a leading a healthier life.  She's now able to sit up unaided for a few minutes...huge progress!!

While we’re extremely proud of what’s been accomplished over the past ~1.5 years, the list of additional ways to provide assistance grows as we expand our awareness & uncover more & more unmet needs of these villagers & their extended families.

As 2017 comes to a close and you find yourself making final assessments for your remaining tax-deductible donations, we ask that you consider joining us in our passionate desire to address life-sustaining needs, such as providing water & preventing disease or altering the lives of children to end a cycle of poverty through education. Please click HERE to take the next step in ending your 2017 on a high note, while making it possible for those in need to begin 2018 in the same way!