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MTRF "Foot Family" Reunion

I’ll be the first to admit that when I realized we were going to have to wade barefoot through a stream containing “who knows what” in knee deep muddy water, my first thought was to turn around and find another well family -- ANY other well family! Then again, where I envision scary swamp creatures, Mark sees adventures, so before I knew it, I was taking the plunge! As usual, once we got to “the other side” and things started looking a bit familiar, I couldn’t have been MORE grateful, as I realized we were at the home of the injured young man we met almost two years before!

After our initial visit in February of 2017, his injured foot haunted us until we were able to make certain he received proper medical care, shortly thereafter. It was hard being so far away & not knowing exactly how the story was going to end - even though we were assured he wasn’t going to lose his foot, thanks to the intervention. Below you can see his injured foot in a photo Mark took almost two years ago.

Young teenaged boy with severe foot injury pictured with family & MTRF well, donated in December 2016

Fast forward to 2019: THANKFULLY, we’re pleased to share that when asked about him, we were told that he was strong & healthy and out in the rice fields working with his father. One of his siblings ran to track him down so we could be reunited & see how he healed with our own eyes. While the doctors were able to save his foot, one of his toes was damaged beyond repair. Thanks to the treatment he received, he no longer walks with a limp and was, indeed, healthy and happy!

Visiting family that received one of MTRF's first wells from 2016; the young man in the center injured his foot in 2017 and subsequently received care via MTRF's wellness program.

Their entire family expressed gratitude for their well and the medical attention. This was truly a very happy reunion on many levels!

We also got a chuckle out of his mother immediately noticing the family resemblance between Mark and his father (to whom we had dedicated their well, two years earlier)!

In closing, I'll reiterate just how VERY grateful I was that Mark convinced me to 'take the plunge' through that murky water to see this lovely family! Sometimes, taking a step into the unknown brings rewards one could never even begin to anticipate!

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