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"Match Made in Heaven" Donation Matching Offer

(plus FAQs)

Mark & Trina are excited to celebrate their 25th anniversary on May 21st!

Throughout the years, many people have told them they’re a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN,

so they’re kicking off their celebration with the following MATCHING offer:

During the next 2 weeks (through 6/4/2017), if you donate $200 to the Mark & Trina Ramsey Foundation & dedicate a well in Cambodia to a pair that you think is a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN (parents, grandparents, engaged couples, newlyweds, other anniversary celebrators, parent/child, partners, BFFs), M&T will match it by personally donating another well** thereby doubling the number of families gaining access to fresh drinking water!

(**M&T are matching up to 25 well donations to match their 25 years of marriage).

Sweeten your donation by leveraging your company’s charitable matching program and you’ll hit a trifecta: 3 wells for 3 families in Cambodia, due to your donation of $200!

WELL, WELL, WELL - this sounds like a WIN, WIN, WIN ! ❤



Please help to kick off this celebration by SHARING this blog post & our facebook post to spread the word & help fulfill our vision of providing 50 wells in Cambodia in 2 weeks!

.....all thanks to MATCHES MADE IN HEAVEN .....


I want to donate a well during this time-frame, but I’d like to dedicate it to an individual, not necessarily a “match made in heaven”…will M&T still match my donation? ABSOLUTELY! They’re happy to match ANY well donation/dedication (up to 25 wells donated from 5/21- 6/4)!

What’s involved in getting a personalized well banner? An optional personalized banner is included on the well being constructed with your $200 donation. Once your donation’s received, you’ll be sent an email containing personalization details. Typically, the donor provides a photo via email, along with the name(s) and optional message.

What do you mean when you say “company’s charitable matching program”? Many corporations/firms offer an employee benefit that includes matching donations their employees make to 501(c)(3) charities (up to a certain dollar amount per year). Typically, the employee completes an online form, as directed by their HR department, and the specified charity receives a check from the corporation matching the amount that their employee donates. CLICK HERE to check on your corporate matching benefits.

For our $200 donation, how many well banners can we dedicate under the matching program? You’ll dedicate the banner for the well you’ve donated and Mark & Trina will dedicate the banner for the well they donate as a match; however, if you leverage your company’s charitable matching program, once MTRF receives your company’s matching donation of $200, you’ll be notified & offered the opportunity to have those funds used toward an additional well dedication to the individual(s) of your choice.

How do I make my donation? Click here!