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Holiday Hope - Let's Ride into 2021 Together

Crazy year, to be sure, but HOPE abounds! As we close out a year where everyone’s “2020 Vision” became less than clear, we look closely at our priorities. This year, we’ve all learned valuable lessons by FEELING our way forward, even when our original goals seemed out of sight.

During 2020, MTRF did our best to help Cambodians SURVIVE during the pandemic by shifting our donations from water/nets/uniforms to a focus on food & education. Working closely with RSSO, we’re pleased to share that thousands were fed & a new school was constructed in an extremely remote village (more on the school in a future blogpost).

So, where does hope & riding into 2021 together fit in? Well, in a word, BIKES! Yes -- let’s all join in & make the wheels turn round & round!!

Cambodian School Children sharing donated bikes to travel to/from school

During our last visit to Cambodia in fall of 2019 (this year’s trip was cancelled), we were touched to see children doubled up on bikes making their way to & from school. With parents barely making ends meet, bikes are a luxury, yet desperately needed, as they can mean the difference between kids attending or NOT attending school! As you can see, in most cases, ONE bike enables TWO children to become educated & thereby breaks the poverty cycle.

A mere $50 donation covers the cost of supplying a child with NOT ONLY a bike, but also a basket, bell AND a platform on the back that enables their sibling or friend to come along for the ride! If you’re looking for a creative gift to give this holiday season, why not dedicate a bike donation to friends & loved ones? We’ll email you a personalized “Holiday Dedication Certificate” that you can print & tie up with a bow for use as a stocking stuffer – or - you can print & frame it to place under the tree! Who doesn’t love a creative gift, let alone one that "keeps on giving" day after day, year after year?!

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Please click HERE to learn how to make your tax-deductible donation before this holiday season comes to an end.  Enjoy the short video below of the grateful Cambodian children waving as they make their way past us on their bikes. Happy Holidays!